Coffee Machine Repairs & Service

Segafredo knows that best coffee can only come from the coffee machines that are of highest quality. With Segafredo’s 20 years of expertise in coffee-making, we have mastered the art behind each world-leading coffee machine brand. We provide top-notch repair and maintenance service to keep your coffee machine performing at its best.

Whether it’s a Saeco or Delonghi, Segafredo ’s team of coffee experts and qualified service technicians in Australia are well-equipped to preserve the workmanship each machine comes with for every kind of client, from commercial to residential.

24/7 Emergency Service

Our team of service technicians has a hotline that clients can anytime for any questions or initial repair assistance that they may need for their coffee machines.

Certified Parts

As a trusted supplier of top-of-the-line coffee machines in Australia and the rest of the world, clients can rest assured that all parts used for replacement are authentic and are made to fit your coffee machine brand. This ensures clients that their machines are genuine inside and out and will come in handy should they decide to upgrade to a more updated model later on—something that Segafredo can also assist clients with.

Preventive Servicing

More than just repairs, Segafredo’s technicians provide clients, especially those who have coffee machines for commercial purposes, a set of instructions and pre-emptive guidelines that can be followed on a daily basis to keep the machines in tiptop shape between maintenance schedules. Furthermore, our technicians are able to assist clients in dismantling the machine for proper cleaning, which is the usual source of problems.

Economical Rates

Segafredo understands clients and their need to keep repair budgets at bay, this is why all our service technicians only do what is necessary. The cost of any repair service is also estimated prior to beginning the work, so clients can assess the fees before technicians come on board.

Quality Work Guaranteed

Segafredo understands that every machine is an investment. And with its roster of 2,359 clients and 60,321 machines repaired by its 23 certified coffee technicians, Segafredo assures clients of top-quality work with every service.

Why service your coffee machine?

It is highly recommended to bring in your coffee machine every six months or after consuming 8kgs of coffee beans. Aside from keeping your coffee machine running efficiently, it also prevents costly repairs later on and extends its lifespan. It also promotes cleanliness and maintains the taste and quality of your coffee.

Our Services

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years of experience

We are the most capable and experienced coffee machine repairs and service specialist employing more then 20 qualified coffee technicians Australia wide

happy clients

We work with some of the largest business and highest rated cafe and restaurant, providing them with top quality coffee machine repair and services around Australia.

repaired coffee machines

We've repaired countless coffee machine from every brand making us the specialist of choice to repair or service your coffee equipment.

quailfied coffee technicians

All our coffee technicians have years of experience and are qualified and certified to work on your coffee machine. All our repairs come with a full warranty.

Our clients said

I had a used coffee machine that needed repairs. I was impresses how well the coffee was made after the repair. These guys really did a great job.

About us

Segafredo Zanetti

Is one of the leading coffee suppliers around the world and in Australia, as part of our extensive services we offer coffee machine repairs and service on site or at one of our dedicated service centres in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Contact us today for a quote or to book in a repair or service 1300 660 976

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