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We are fully equipped to repair and service all coffee machine brands and models for home, café, and commercial use.

Adelaide Coffee Machine Repair Services

Adelaide is the fifth largest city in Australia. It has a popular and amazing café culture, making its local food scene nothing short of extraordinary.  It is home to bright minds and a strong network of scholars committed to research as Adelaide is home to the best universities such as the Carnegie Mellon University Australia, Flinders University, University of South Australia, and Torrens University Australia. Aside from that, it’s commitment to the environment is unparalleled as seen in the Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide Botanic Garden, and Cleland Conservation Park. This has greatly added in making the city rank high in the best places to live in as tracked by The Economist. Whether you’re a foodie or a certified nature lover, Adelaide is the place to be.

Segafredo’s Coffee Machine Expertise

As Adelaide is home to the most interesting minds and interests, Segafredo’s team of coffee machine experts keep up with their busy lives and make sure that their coffee machines are functioning at their best.

Segafredo’s services include:

Scheduled Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the key to extending the lifespan and enhancing the performance of your coffee machine. Our technicians are always available and equipped to perform regular maintenance work for your coffee machines including inspection, cleaning, and descaling. These prevent common machine problems and promote food safety.

On-call Service

What’s worse than a coffee machine that’s not working when you need your cup of coffee? It’s definitely one where your concerns are not answered promptly. Segafredo experts save clients from this hassle through their 24/7 service. We’re always available to respond to your coffee machine concerns, not matter what time of day. You have the option to bring your machine to our service center in Adelaide or we can provide an onsite service in the fastest time possible, complete with the professional tools needed to get the job done.

Full Warranty

All services come with a full warranty, worthy of the investments that clients make when purchasing their Italian coffee machines.

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