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Saeco Coffee Machines are part of the innovative company, Philips. The machines originate from hills of Gaggio Montano in Northern Italy and are created to dispense the best-tasting coffee, as certified by the Italian Taste Association. As a brand, it prides itself in employing coffee lovers, which is the secret to every satisfying brew that each Saeco machine dispenses.

With its line of super automatic espresso machines, Saeco revolutionized the coffee machine market by making Italian brew accessible in every home with just one touch. Of course, this level of simplicity is achieved because of the meticulous work that comes with every machine as each part is engineer-tested and every output is certified by the Centro Studi Assaggiatori.

Saeco as a brand and as a product is all about the marriage of centuries of Italian coffee-making expertise and steadfast modern innovation, guaranteeing a great cup of coffee every time.

The Segafredo Touch

With Segafredo, every Saeco owner is protected by its 23 certified coffee technicians’ expertise. Segafredo treats every Saeco owner as a barista in their own right and is provided with the level of service that is comparable with commercial establishments.

Given the convenience of its machine, Segafredo provides home service to assist owners at their own suitable time, with full warranty in all services.

There is also a need for Saeco machines to descale, a process that is necessary to remove build up. Segafredo also provides this integral service to clients and teaches them how to do it on their own to ensure the longer lifespan of their machines. Step-by-step instructions as well as a schedule for regular maintenance that they need to follow are provided during the service visit and are explained thoroughly to the owner– without extra charges.

More than efficiency, Segafredo service technicians also guide clients on how to properly use each machine and add in a technique or two to help them maximize it and help them prepare the best brew on a daily basis using their Saeco machine.

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